Pet stairs

Our sturdy steps for pets are ideal for use as steps for pets around the home, with vehicles and in pet care service providers. See information below for more details and to order yours online for prompt delivery now.


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Features & Benefits – Showerama pet steps

  • Practically indestructible. Slip-resistant covering and contrasting edges.
  • Stable and tested to safely take 100 kilograms!
  • Suitable for use indoors or out.
  • Money-back guarantee.

These pet stairs are ideal for…

  • Accessing grooming tables and wash stations.
  • Heavy or older animals
  • Protecting the surfaces against paw-scratches when climbing into / onto things.
  • Professional and business use or as steps for pets around the home.

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Size and weight information – pet stairs


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size of (product KW)

Please be aware that this set of steps is a single unit that does not pack down. Please do check you have room for it before placing an order.

How heavy are these steps?

A set of stairs comes in at 9.5kg packaged.

What other people say about our pet stairs

“I actually bought these for using with my car for my big boy. The dog ramp I bought before was awkward to use and a set of wooden steps I got broke! These looked like they would last.” Christine, by email, April 2014

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Non-slip dog steps - heavy duty 560mm high. An alternative to dog ramps and ideal for use with Showerama dog showers and baths, vehicles, grooming tables and vehicles. Non-slip surfaces, extremely stable and robust. Ideal for older or heavier dogs, those a little unsteady or who just need a bit of help. 560mm high and with a 100kg Safe Working Load.

Specifically sized and designed to suit all Showerama washing stations and can be used in single (one end) or as a double combination (steps either side - recommended for larger breeds). Super-safe non-slip surfaces inspire confidence in dogs who are uneasy with negotiating steps. Single, sturdy molded design with no edges or openings to catch feet or tails. A great alternative to dog ramps and great for uses such as vehicles and grooming tables. Extremely sturdy - with a class-leading 100kg Safe Working Load. 560mm high with three step rises. Base: 700mm long by 500mm wide.

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Price: £150.00

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