Photos of our dog showers…

…and accessories!

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If you have an awesome (or not!) shot of your mucky dog or fascinating photo of your Showerama dog shower in use, feel free to post it on our Facebook page with a suitable explanation / comments.

Charity Bonios Giveaway

Here we ran a “guess the number of Bonios in the dog shower” competition, through Facebook. In this case it was Rushton Dog Rescue that won.

The competition was to guess the number of dog biscuits in a picture of one of our dog showers that we posted on Facebook. The rules were that the winner could nominate their dog charity of choice. Maggie Dunlop guessed the closest and nominated Rushton Dog Rescue to receive the winnings: all of the Bonios in the picture!

 ”That’s fabulous…could the donation be on behalf of myself and Joey my husband and our wonderful Newfoundland Beauty who was looked after by Rushton Dog Rescue. I am so pleased. Thank you.”

Mucky Dog Photos

Here are some pics of our Facebook fans’ mucky dogs they sent us.