The professional dog shower

The dog grooming shower from Showerama: a professional dog shower station for groomers, dog grooming salons, owners and canine professionals.

UK-made, this easily-installed, non-slip dog salon shower comes with waste pluming and optional cover and steps. The sturdy, free-standing frame comes with leveling feet and does not require the unit to be fixed to walls or floors. The ergonomic height means you can wash dogs without bending over or kneeling down and the vented storage rack keeps equipment and towels nearby without getting in the way.

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Benefits of our professional dog showers

The safest dog salon shower: stability & safety built-in, with non-slip surfaces.

Ergonomically raise a dog to your level. Sturdy, free-standing frame. High sides prevent splatters.

Self-assembly, with leveling feet for any floor surface. Does not require fixing to walls or floor.

The optional steps are portable yet sturdy and feature super-safe non-slip treads.

Full-gauge waste plumbing included, with a three-stage filter to prevent blocking.

A conveniently covered and vented storage area is perfect for towels & grooming equipment.

The stylish design and inviting appearance will look great inside your dog salon!

More info, including materials, warranty and a package contents list can be found here.

Showerama dog grooming system

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This professional dog shower has been designed in the UK to meet the needs of…

  • Salon owners looking to install one or more dog salon showers.
  • Home-based or mobile dog groomers that need a dog grooming shower that does not need permanent installation.
  • Kennels or doggy day-care centres that wish to add dog grooming and showering to their facilities.

More information…

Our standard and VIP delivery services are detailed here: delivery services. For anything that is not clear or if you have any questions, please select the “ask a question” tab, get in touch and we’ll be delighted to help.

Size and weight of the Showerama dog grooming shower

Dimensions of the grooming shower

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size of (product KW)

The information in the above diagram can be of use to you in finding and preparing an area indoors or outside for your groomers shower.

How heavy is the dog salon shower?

A Showerama dog grooming shower with shelf (excluding steps) comes in at approximately 27kg packaged.

What other people say about our professional grooming shower

“Hi, firstly can I say I am delighted with the quality and design of the shower station and the exceptional customer service I have received from yourselves… also I haven’t forgot to add a review on Amazon I will be doing that soon. Regards Louise”

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Dog grooming shower with vented storage shelf. In addition to the Showerama Standard spec (adjustable feet, non-slip interior, integral waste trap and hose) the Premium comes with a vented shelf for drying towels and storing grooming essentials. The shelf also also adds rigidity to the frame's structure - great for professionals and heavier breeds. Recent Amazon-verified feedback:

5/5: "Excellent service, couldn't have been more helpful. Haven't got the bath set up yet but should be ready in the next day or two so hoping its as good as it looks!" Ali, 11 April 2014

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Recent Feedback (Amazon verified purchase)

The Showerama Premium dog shower saves your back and knees by being at an ideal height. Non-slip surfaces, integral drainage and with a vented shelf for storage and towel-drying. Can be connected to indoor sink waste pipes or used outside with a drain or soakaway. All you need to get up and dog-showering is a source of fresh water. External dimensions (cm): 122 long x 62 wide x 86 high (to the very top). Maximum weight limit: 50kg. Warranty: 12 months. Optional weatherproof cover recommended for outdoor use. (with two-stage filter) and flexible waste hose, easy assembly (we even supply the screwdriver).

Tub Colour:
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Price: £480.00

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Accessories for the dog grooming shower are:

Here are some other products you may want to consider to go with your professional dog shower. You can click the links for more information, add these products to your cart and continue browsing – or checkout whenever you wish.

Non-slip dog steps - heavy duty 560mm high. An alternative to dog ramps and ideal for use with Showerama dog showers and baths, vehicles, grooming tables and vehicles. Non-slip surfaces, extremely stable and robust. Ideal for older or heavier dogs, those a little unsteady or who just need a bit of help. 560mm high and with a 100kg Safe Working Load.

Specifically sized and designed to suit all Showerama washing stations and can be used in single (one end) or as a double combination (steps either side - recommended for larger breeds). Super-safe non-slip surfaces inspire confidence in dogs who are uneasy with negotiating steps. Single, sturdy molded design with no edges or openings to catch feet or tails. A great alternative to dog ramps and great for uses such as vehicles and grooming tables. Extremely sturdy - with a class-leading 100kg Safe Working Load. 560mm high with three step rises. Base: 700mm long by 500mm wide.

Product not in stock

Price: £150.00

This product has sold out.

Practical cover for all Showerama dog showers. Keep your Showerama dog shower clean and covered from leaves, rain, snow, birds and anything else that might get in it!

Keep weather and leaves out of the dog shower. It also keeps your doggy-grooming essentials and towels stored on the convenient drying shelf dry. Features Velcro tie-downs at each corner to keep the cover in place in the worst of storms.

Product in stock

Price: £20.00

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Convenient delivery PLUS assembly service

Add this item to your cart to get your dog shower personally delivered at a time convenient to you, assembled by a member of our team and all packaging taken away! What you get as a VIP:

  1. Our VIP delivery upgrade includes a delivery slot at your convenience (subject to availability)
  2. Updates by email or SMS for a more precise ETA
  3. A Showerama team member assembles your dog shower in your designated location and takes away all packaging, leaving you with a ready-to-use dog shower and the owner's manual to read.

How VIP delivery and assembly works: We contact you to arrange a delivery slot that suits you. A member of the Showerama team delivers your order and assembles it for you, including removal of packaging materials. Special conditions: Service is limited to specified locations*. Our team cannot for insurance reasons touch plumbing: assembly service is limited to assembly as per the user manual instructions. Just add this option to your cart in addition to your dog shower and we will take care of everything else. Evening and weekend deliveries are normally available for your convenience. *Availability: Delivery destinations currently serviced with the VIP delivery upgrade have postcodes beginning with: CV, OX, MK, NN. As we expand, our VIP delivery service will become available nationwide. Please contact us with any questions.

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Price: £95.00

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Wash your dog indoors or outside with this warm water kit! This complete pack allows you to shower your dog with warm water inside or outdoors at the press of a button. Warm water dog showering through a standard garden hose (outdoors) or  a silver, flexible 1.75m hose (indoors). More details:

Kit contains: *Shower head with thumb-operated on/off lever *All-in-one "Quick Fit" hosepipe to kitchen / utility / basin / bath mixer tap connector and permanent tap aerator (fits both male & female 24 & 22mm round tap threads) * Two Hozelock adaptors - for the shower head and the tap connector - for use with a garden hose * 1.75m smooth and flexible silver hose for indoor showering *Full instructions. This pack gives you complete flexibility for washing your dog in warm water indoors or outside. Please note: for outdoor use you will also need a normal garden hosepipe with standard Hozelock connectors at each end.

Product not in stock

Price: £66.00

This product has sold out.

Don't have an outdoor tap?  This kit is easy to fit and does not even require you to isolate your water supply. This extends your indoor water plumbing to the garden, garage or anywhere else outdoors and connects to a standard garden hose.

If you want to wash your dogs outside and don't have an outside tap, this kit is easy to fit and doesn't even require you to isolate the water supply during fitting. It has a built-in double-check valve, features high-quality construction and the kit comes with a self-cutting tap (no tools required to fit), water supply hose, wall plate elbow, pipe clips, garden tap with hose union, hose insert, screws and plugs. It simply wraps over the water pipe, self-cuts and self-seals. You will need a drill.

Product not in stock

Price: £19.95

This product has sold out.

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