Clean Dogs means Clean Accommodation

By having a Showerama dog shower available for your guests to use, you can help them wash off dirt or sand that they pick up on a walk and help keep your business clean. Less muck trodden into the building and room means less wear and tear on furnishings and vacuum cleaners – and less turnover time.

The sheltered, integral drying rack on our Premium and Premium Extra editions allows for dog towels to be left their. Your guests can wash off their pet’s feet and legs, towel them off and they are ready to enter the accommodation clean and dry.

Showerama dog showers can be easily installed outside or anywhere inside near a source of running water and a drain.

Whether your run a B&Bs, rent out a holiday cottage or operate a dog-friendly hotel, a Showerama dog shower offers a return-on-investment: check them out here.