A tale of two tails!

Daniela loves her dogs, but she always used to dread returning home after a mucky dog walk.

In particular, their paws, legs, tummies and tails were magnets for dirt. She tried carrying them upstairs into the bathroom, but that left a trail of mess through the house and although the girls were lovely and clean afterwards, it left Daniela and the bathroom filthy.

She tried various combinations of jugs and towels. She tried hoses. Nothing worked without spreading the mess around and hurting her back and knees.

Looking around for something that could solve her problems, she struggled to find what she was looking for. She even considered a trip to a DIY store and actually fitting a shower in her garden… then she decided on two things:

1. Surely she can’t be the only one with the mucky dog walk problem?

2. To solve her problem and possible other people’s, she needed some help.

In spite of being a bit of a nerd, Kris also loved dogs and as a scientist was able to sit down with some of his engineer friends (who also love dogs) over curry and cider and discuss ergonomics, stresses, rotational mouldings, welding and other stuff like that. Soon they had a design.

The first prototype was christened ‘Susan’ and was tested by lots of dogs and their owners of all shapes and sizes. Improving the design further, the next prototype (named ‘Kate’) was produced and turned out to be just the job. The green button was then pressed to gear up for manufacturing* the Showerama dog shower and this website was put together. Whilst waiting for the first production run, Kate was filled with Bonios for a free-entry competition, with the winner nominating the dog charity of their choice to reeive all of the Bonios.

On Monday 11th November 2013 we began a one-week pre-launch countdown, with some very big discounts made available to the Facebook and Twitter followers we had built up in the mean time.

Watch this space as the story continues…

*Of course, all of the manufacturing is carried out in the UK!