Your own dog shower makes life that much easier and although it’s not all about money, here are some interesting bits and bobs of information that might surprise you.

In addition to making the post-walk drama that much easier, investing in a dog shower saves you money as well as time and hassle. How?

Costs of the alternatives

If you return home with a mucky dog, you might incur some combination of the following costs:

  • Steam cleaning carpets – or even replacing them more often – ouch!
  • Mobile dog bath from a professional  – depending on the size of your dog and where you live, the UK’s largest dog-washing service can come to your house and wash your dog for between £20 and £100 pounds for a single wash and towel-dry. Alternatively you could have your own dog wash station in your own home to use every day if you need to, with no advanced booking.
  • The cost to wash a towel (never mind your clothes) – according to, washing a couple of muddy dog towel could cost up to 65 pence in energy, water and detergent costs. After towelling off a clean dog that’s been showered, you can just hang the towel to dry.
  • Cost of a cleaner – if you are a bit on the busy side, you may hire a cleaner. Less dirt in the house means less spend on the cleaner or more time to spend on other jobs.

Of course, we encourage (read: challenge) you to seek out any other comparable dog-washing equipment that is anywhere near as functional and value-for-money as the Showerama dog shower!

Showerama is built to last. The framework is manufactured to premium automotive standards and the shower tray is practically indestructible (we tried during pre-production testing and had to resort to power tools to cause any damage). We wouldn’t say that it will last forever, but nearly. Over many years of service a Showerama dog shower could equate to just 10 pence per day.

A drop-in-the-ocean compared to the other costs of dog ownership

We spend a lot on our dogs over a number of years. Here are some examples:

  • According to Sainsbury’s Finance, the average dog costs £399 a year to feed, excluding treats.
  • Sainsbury’s also put the average annual vet fee spend at £177 – excluding any serious incidents.
  • According to Yahoo Finance, a dog can cost up to £16,000 over it’s (always too short) lifetime.

Showerama is built to last. Over many years of service a Showerama dog shower could equate to just 10 pence per day.