The Showerama design

Our dog showers and equipment are the results of extensive market research into the requirements of dog owners and walkers. If you visited Crufts in 2013 you may have seen our team interviewing dog owners, walkers and groomers to get a detailed understanding of their requirements. After ergonomic studies both on dogs and humans, we produced several rounds of prototypes, improving the design until we came up with the best dog shower around.

Summary features

We have brought you all of the things you asked for:

Stability and safety built-in, with non-slip surfaces

High sides to prevent splattering muddy water onto you and your clothes

Optional steps to aid those dogs a little on the older or unsteady side

Proper drainage, with three-stage filter to prevent blocking from hair, twigs and leaves.

Easy self-assembly, with a levelling feet in case of uneven ground. Easy to take apart and move too.

An area to store towels and grooming equipment, with an attractive cover for when not in use

Ruggedness to stand up to the elements – but something that looks nice too!

Detailed specification

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Dimensions - how big is it?

The Showerama dog shower is 860mm overall height, 1220mm long and 620mm wide. That’s roughly 3′ by 4′ by 2′ in old money. The base of the shower tray is 560mm from the floor, so that you can reach a set of muddy paws without stooping down. There is a small amount of height adjustment in the feet, mostly for allowing leveling if the ground is uneven. You can see more detailed information on dimensions in the diagram below (opens in a new window).

dog bath shower installation

Detailed dimensions to aid with installation


Materials - what's it made from?

The frame and shelf are manufactured in the UK under ISO9001 quality accreditation from lightweight steel, powder-coated with a mid-gloss finish, using the same painting process as industrial vehicles and machinery. The shower tray and steps are made from a high-grade polymer that’s practically indestructible.  All horizontal surfaces are coated with a class-leading non-slip surface for safety and security.

What comes in the box?

When your order is delivered, you will have everything you need to assemble and use your shower, including a screwdriver, which is the only tool’you’ll need. A full set of clear instructions guides you through the simple self-assembly (much easier than an IKEA cupboard, let’s put it that way). Full waste plumbing is included and we offer a range of tap adaptors and indoor hoses. You just need to supply the fresh water and a shower head (or a garden hose for outside use).


 The Showerama dog shower is warranted against any manufacturing defects for one year from delivery date.
Anatomy of the best dog shower

Anatomy of the best dog shower


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