Compared with bathing dogs in a bath…

It’s dog cleaning… made just that much easier!

When your dog comes back home mucky after an outing, the Showerama dog shower is the quickest and the easiest way to get them clean.

Dog cleaning made easy

Consider the options and alternatives – surely it is better to have a your dog clean and dry before they come indoors?

Bathing dogs in your bathroom involves taking them into your shower or cleaning your dog in the bath, leaving a trail of paw prints along the way. It is also very likely you’ll have a major clean-up operation of the bathroom afterwards. Showerama saves your floor and walls.

Getting down on your knees with a handful of towels: Showerama saves your back, your knees, your clothes and a load of towel-washing. It is at an ideal height to not only wash your dog whilst standing comfortably, but also drying them off…

Not just clean but also dry: after washing your dog in the Showerama dog shower, you can use it to towel your dog off, so that it can go indoors both clean AND dry. No worries about your dog waiting for ten seconds after you let them inside before having a jolly good shake all of your walls and furniture.

Anatomy of the best dog shower

Anatomy of the best dog shower



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On top of saving your back, knees, floors, walls and towels, check out the financial benefits here.