Looking for a dog grooming bath?

The Showerama dog shower gets dogs clean and keeps people and houses clean too!

The high sides catch splashes and the convenient height saves your back and knees. You can easily wash away dirt and shampoo, all the time staying clean and dry yourself. The central drain comes with a waste-plumbing kit that can be used with domestic plastic waste pipes (such as under a sink) or external drains, soakaways or even flowerbeds.

So: if you are looking for a grooming bath, consider some of the benefits of a Showerama dog shower.

Grooming bath vs. shower

We believe that showers are better for cleaning dogs than a bath. If you read the story of why Showerama was set up, it all started with the problems of cleaning dogs with minimum fuss – and by minimum fuss, we mean least hassle! Click on the boxes below for the summary:

Dog grooming baths are...

Timely and messy.

Running a bath to wash a dog takes time and lots of water. The water gets dirty and then splashed around – you will probably need to shower the mucky water off the dog in the end anyway.

But a dog shower...

Gets the job done cleanly.

A dog shower rinses dirt away quickly, minimizing the time to get your dog clean – and reduces the chance that some of that mucky water will find it’s way outside of the bath.

Anatomy of the best dog shower

Anatomy of the best dog shower