Here are some answers to questions people have asked in the past. We’ve conveniently grouped them into four areas.

Ordering and shipping FAQs

Where can I purchase Showerama dog care products?

We sell exclusively online. With no bricks and mortar and other overheads, we can get costs down. We do have a no-quibble guarantee so if for some reason you don’t like what you order, send it back and we’ll refund you in full.

Do you ship overseas?

We currently ship to: Belgium, Denmark, France, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Spain.

If you don’t live in one of these countries, contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Can I pay in other currencies?

We currently only take payment online in GBP, however if this is a major issue, please let us know and we’ll work something out.

Can I track my order?

We will send you tracking information when we dispatch your order.

Delivery and assembly FAQs

How will my order be delivered?

Please see our delivery details page here.

Will I need assistance to assemble the Showerama dog shower?

Nope! It’s very easy to assemble – and we give easy-to-follow instructions in the package. Assembly does involve a bit of unavoidable bending and kneeling, but assembling and positioning the shower shouldn’t take more than ten minutes. We do strongly recommend that you read the user manual before attempting to unpack, assemble or use.

What do I do with the packaging?

We want your order to get to you in perfect condition, so we will wrap it up well. Please recycle the packaging via your regular household recycling collection or a recycling centre near you.

Can I assemble the shower indoors, then take it to the garden?

You certainly can! It has been designed to fit through most doorways after assembly.

Drainage FAQs

Is plumbing provided?

We provide a flexible waste pipe system to drain the water from the shower into an open drain, flower bed, soakaway, caravan waste tank or even indoor waste plumbing.

Where does the fresh water come from?

For outside use this is most easily facilitated with a standard garden hose and a gentle sprayer head. Check out the accessories in our online store for outside tap adaptor kits and a way to get warm water through your garden hose. If you are using the shower indoors we also provide a kit to make use of existing tap outlets to allow you to shower dogs in warm water. Groomers and salons may want to considerable installing a mixer tap near to the desired location for the shower, but with our indoor warm water kit it is not essential!

What if I don’t have somewhere to drain the water to?

Look around – you probably do! You can use a soakaway, flower bed, open drain or even connect it to your domestic waste plumbing. You can even drain the waste water using the pipe provided into a watering can – the water that leaves the shower has been filtered of leaves, twigs and hair so is great for watering plants, so long as you don’t use any shampoo! Of course if you are planning on using it indoors…

Can I use the shower indoors?

Yes. The waste plumbing provided is compatible with most UK domestic waste plumbing (the white plastic pipes you see under a kitchen sink). If you’re not experienced with waste plumbing, consult someone who is. It is a very simple job indeed, but it is essential that the plug hole in the shower is higher than the end of the waste pipe. Contact us if you want more info.

Instructions, use and other FAQs

What do I need to make sure of before ordering a shower?

You will need a space to put the shower than is near a source of water and somewhere to drain. You will also need a hosepipe with a suitable (gentle!) spray attachment.

What if I do not have an outdoor water supply?

You can purchase a kit from your local DIY store or online that extends your domestic water supply to the outside. These kits are very cheap and easy to set up.

Is it portable?

Yes – it is portable, just be sure to disconnect anything associated with water before moving it! Our showers can all be easily disassembled and will fit into an estate car or MPV.

How big is the dog shower?

Please click on the following thumbnail diagram to see a full set of dimensions:

dog bath shower installation

Detailed dimensions


Can I fill the shower with water?

We do not recommend doing that. Firstly, the best way of washing your mucky dog is to wash the mud away. Secondly, by filling the shower full of water and adding a dog, you may go over the 50kg safe working load (SWL) limit. SWL is an engineering term that means the product is safe for loads up to this limit. Although it should take much, much more, we don’t want you to overload it! For this reason it does not have a plug.

What if there is hosepipe ban?

If you are not allowed to use your hosepipe as the source of water, you can always fill a jug or watering can from a tap. We’ve found that a large jug can sometimes be enough to clean a set of four paws. That said, on the very few occasions than any of us in the UK are banned from using a hosepipe, it usually coincides with a period of time when dogs come home from a walks mysteriously lacking in mud!

Do I need to purchase steps?

To be honest, not necessarily! Alternatives include any piece of garden furniture that your dog can safely use on the way up and into – and out of – the shower. Our non-slip dog steps are matched to the height of our dog showers, but if you can find something else your dog will use safely, then great: ‘safely’ being the operative word. We really do want dogs hips and shoulders taken care of by not encouraging excessive jumping.

Is it suitable for my dog?

The Showerama dog shower has been designed using breed statistics from the UK Kennel Club, so that it is suitable for the vast majority of dogs. The exception is very big dogs – anything over 50kg, which is around seven and a half stones in old units! We do not recommend using it for any dogs over this. If the distance between your dogs front feet and back feet is over 90cm (3 feet), they may struggle, but that’s one very big dog!

What’s the idea with two sets of steps?

Larger dogs may find it difficult to turn around in the shower, so by providing steps at both ends it can make their life (and yours) that much easier. Also, if you have two or more dogs, it can speed things up after a walk with a “one out, one in” process.

Do you accept returns?

Yes. In very the unlikely event you will want to return anything we send you, just send it back unused to the return address provided in the packaging. Send it via a delivery service that requires a signature upon delivery and to make things easier, use the original packaging.